This listing is for B-Grade pins only. B Grades have slight flaws such as scuffs, scratches, ect. 



  • Hard Enamel or soft enamel
  • 1.5"-2" at widest point
  • Backstamped Toku Arts logo
  • Double Posted
  • Black Rubber Clutches
  • Imitation Gold Metal Plating or dyed Metal coating
  • Zinc Alloy Metal

Alloys and platings may contain trace amounts of nickel.


For Dyed soft enamel style:

**Due to the nature of this type of pin (epoxy coating), trace amounts of dust and small bubbles may be trapped in the epoxy. While small and practically unnoticable, this is not considered a defect in our shop. By ordering this product you aknowledge this. 


B-Grade Triforce Dragon Enamel Pins

Metal Finish