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These aren't your every chicken nuggies. Be the coolest kid at your lunch table with these dinosaur chicken nugget enamel pins. Now with extra breading.


Each mini pin is true to it's name with maximum diameter of 20mm or less. All four pins have been upgraded to have two posts each, preventing spinning and extra security. The pins feature a dyed metal coating and breadcrumb texture. All pins are attached with white clutches and arrive plated on the finest paper dinerware.


Enamel Pin Specifications:

  • Sandblasted Metal
  • ~20mm at longest point
  • Backstamped Toku Arts logo
  • Double Posted for stability
  • Rubber Clutches
  • Pantone Dyed Plating
  • Zinc Alloy Metal (May contain trace amounts of nickel)


Pin on this listing is considered standard grade which may include small blemishes that cannot be easily seen from an arm's length away. Please visit our FAQ page for an in depth grading policy.


Disclaimer: Pin comes with rubber backings. Although these stay on pretty well, we do not offer any returns/warranties if your pin clutch(es) fall(s) off. We offer locking backs that will help keep your pin on for daily use in the pinback section of our shop.

Disclaimer: Not for consumption.

Dino Nuggs Mini Pin Set


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